You Can Feel It In The Air…

Image: Dennis Jarvis via Flickr

Topher Kingsley-Williams is the CEO of Moncton’s Ongozah, a startup that simplifies corporate giving, and that helps non-profits simplify their project planning.

Following their presentation at Propel ICT’s Demo Day at the Capitol Theatre in Moncton last week, we asked Topher to tell us what he’s loving today.

Today I was thinking about how great fall in Atlantic Canada is (despite the impending winter).

I get up in the morning and chuck on a sweater and jeans, take a quick bike down to the office… don’t get sweaty.

In the middle of the day you can walk to lunch and enjoy perfect patio weather.

Then evening comes and it’s time to throw the sweater back on and open all the windows to get a nice cool breeze throughout the house – and an added bonus, how great is it to actually use a duvet at night! #noairconditioning