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What N.B. Entrepreneurs Are Playing On Their Phones

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Entrepreneurs are busy people. We shouldn’t have to tell you that.

Media is filled with features on how high-performers stay productive. Hell, even Tim Ferris released a HUGE book that that’s full of “tools” successful people use to stay on top of their game.

But do they have time for any fun?

The answer is yes, and sometimes that fun comes through their phone, in between checking emails, taking phone calls, and waiting for those rare free minutes in between meetings. They play games on their phone.

You heard it here folks, entrepreneurs are just like us!

We decided to reach out to some members of the New Brunswick startup community about what game they’re playing on their phones:

“I like playing Astronimals, it’s a game I made for fun as a side project. It is a challenging game based on my friend’s pets! I just wanted to brush up on my coding skills.”
– Jordan Kennie, co-founder of Stash Energy.

“Maybe a boring answer, but I’m into the NYT Crossword app. The Daily Mini’s are pretty great. I have an ongoing rivalry with my Dad to see who’s quickest.”
– Cameron Crain, founder of Sapian

“I am a Wordscapes gal. Highly addictive but great for the brain and making flights seem much shorter!”
– Karina LeBlanc, executive director of the Pond Deshpande Centre

I’ve really been into the clicker type games recently, something really interesting in putting something down and for it to get things for you while you are offline. One that I have been playing is called AdVenture Capitalist.”
– Alex Yhap, CEO of Reframe Games. 

Cribbage Pro, showing my Charlotte County colours.”
– Brent Harris, founder of the Saint John Tool Library

“My kid had me download Super Mario Run and it’s bringing back all kinds of nostalgia. I also won a Super Nintendo modulator last year and have been getting off the phone for a different form of old school screen time with Super World and Donkey Kong.”
– Joanna Killen, co-founder of Momentum Canada.

“When I have a moment to decompress, my go-to phone game is known as ‘AdCap!’. Short for Adventure Capitalist. When I found this addicting game, it was most interesting to me because you can buy businesses, accumulate angel investors, and hire managers. When you forgot about the game for 2-3 months, your “managers” handle everything, so when I have some time to decompress and open “AdCap!” It has continued to play itself! The game also includes fun adventures to the moon and Mars with a similar concept.”
– Job Burns, CEO of Busy Day Chefs

I play Letter Fridge on my phone. It’s a crossword puzzle using letter magnets to come up with words. Don’t dis-my-ability also has an arcade in the office and my favourite game on there right now is Tetris.”
– Shawn Smith, CEO of Don’t dis-my-ability.

He’s not kidding about the arcade thing:

Shawn Smith (Image: Submitted)

“I use the Fifa19 Ultimate team app often and also play Words With Friends 2.
– Brendan Young, co-founder of Passiv.

“I like to play Word Blitz with my daughters.”
– Angela Geddes, Soul on Fire professional and personal coaching.

“I got really hooked on Suduko when I got stuck on a plane without internet. Downloaded it on my phone. ”
– Phillip Curley, CEO of HotSpot Parking

Words with Friends (scrabble)”
– Anita Punamiya, founder of Art4Life.

“I love to play Neko Atsume or Two Dots (Neko takes little time/effort for a cute reward, and Two Dots gets me thinking about getting outside the box, literally!)”
– Carly Murphy, intern for Venture for Canada

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