Welcome To Atlantic Canada’s Best Kept Secret

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Brenda Czich always loved the Maritimes. She spent several years as a child growing up in New Brunswick and visited the region throughout her adult life for work.

“I swam competitively so there were meets in other provinces, so I got to travel to other provinces in the Maritimes,” says Czich, who lives in Ottawa. “Then when I began working, we had a number of meetings on the East Coast, so I became even more familiar with the Maritimes. I really liked the pace of life. I loved the nature and I really liked the people out in the Maritimes, so it always had a special place in my heart.”

Yet, it was a place she never thought of moving back to permanently, until she and her husband started looking at places to retire.

“When we were talking about retirement and where we’d like to live, one of the things we talked about was what would be a destination place my children would want to come and visit and have our grandchildren come and spend time with us?” says Czich. “We wanted it to be a beautiful place not just for us, but for the family to come and share time with us.”

They found that place at Kilmarnock Head.

Kilmarnock Head waterfront properties are located on a coastal peninsula that stretches into the Bay of Fundy. Just a few minutes drive away from the town of St. Andrews and just a 20-minute drive from the U.S. border, Kilmarnock Head consists of 38 lots in various sizes and breathtaking views.

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Czich and her husband purchased their lot last September during a trip where they intended to check out different property throughout the Maritimes. But Kilmarnock Head was the only place they needed to see.

“We haven’t looked back. No regrets,” says Czich. “Every time we go there, there is such a feeling of serenity. It’s such a confirmation that we made the right decision to move there.”

Kilmarnock Head boasts a private beach, beautifully lit ponds waterfalls and secluded picnic areas. At its heart is the mountain’s peak, which features a protected forest area and walking trail leading residents 300 feet to one of the most magnificent viewpoints in Atlantic Canada. It has an off-the-beaten-path vibe, yet, it’s just a short drive from St. Andrews, one of New Brunswick’s most bustling, vibrant tourist towns.

“I think St. Andrews and the whole area is a huge draw for tourists and I think, ‘oh my gosh, we get to live there 12 months of the year. How wonderful is that?’” says Czich. “There’s so much to do there.”

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While Kilmarnock Head will be the place of retirement for Czich, the area is drawing people around the world to build their residential projects.

“We have a variety of folks who live on the mountain,” says John Sharpe, vice president of development at Ross Ventures, the company that owns Kilmarnock Head. “We have owners from across North America and Europe. Some are year-round, some are seasonal and they spend the summers at their home on the mountain. It really varies.”

He says the properties offer a unique investment opportunity in an area that’s close to a bustling town, but far away enough to enjoy the area’s nature.

“I think it’s excellent value for investment because of the proximity to the resort town of St. Andrews, but also because of the uniqueness of the area,” says Sharpe. “The panaromic vistas from this elevation are rare for this part of the country. It’s an area that’s never been developed so you’re looking out into virtually untouched land and sea.”

For those who purchase land at Kilmarnock Head, Ross Ventures offers to connect them with their local contracting partners who have the local knowledge and experience building on the area’s unique terrain.

“We can put somebody in touch with a contractor who has built on the mountain before. says Sharpe. “We’ve had some absolutely breathtaking development done on the lots. There’s such a variety of opportunities in terms of home design and construction.”

Out of the 38 lots, only 12 are still available at Kilmarnock Head. Sharpe says the area is developing into a diverse, friendly community.

“People really love it there. They find that aside from the beautiful views, the vistas, the private aspect of their homes and lots, that it’s a really nice community,” he says. “The folks that live there are absolutely wonderful people and they come from such a wide variety of backgrounds.”

It’s a community that Czich is looking forward to becoming a part of, in what she calls one of Canada’s ‘best-kept secrets.’

“I think it’s a real secret. I’m familiar with the B.C. coast and it’s beautiful and stunning, but I don’t think people realize that Canada has another coastline on the east side as well,” she says.

“It’s largely undiscovered and I’m so glad there was a piece of property left for us when we chose to look because I don’t think there’s a lot of oceanfront property in the world at the price that it is in the Maritimes.”

For more information on available lots at Kilmarnock Head, visit the web site or call 1-877-778-8339.