Wedding Organizers Looking To Buy Second Church In Saint John

Before and after: The interior of the former Holy Trinity Catholic Church.

SAINT JOHN – The wedding organizers who bought the former Cornerstone Baptist Church uptown to use as a venue now have an accepted offer on a second church in the city – the former Holy Trinity Catholic Church in the city’s north end.

“We are beyond thrilled to share with all of you our newest project!!” Natasha’s Weddings and Events announced on its Facebook page earlier this week. “We have an accepted offer on another church! Still in the planning stages with the city to get zoning approval but they are pretty positive it will be an easy process just like when we bought The Cornerstone.”

Natasha Tobias says the business has grown so quickly since they purchased and renovated the Cornerstone church last June that they needed to buy a second building.

“We are pretty much booked every Saturday from the end of May this year until the end of October,” said Tobias in an e-mail. “I think we have two Saturdays open between that time frame.

“We even have bookings on Friday nights and Sundays this wedding season as we had no more Saturday nights available for couples to choose from in the month they wanted to be married.”

Tobias and her partner Paul Cooper already have eight pre-bookings for the new Trinity venue, which they’ve decided to name “The Rockland.”

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But it will be more than just a wedding venue for the couple and business partners. It has a basement they will use for storage for chairs, tables and decor, and an attached home they can move into.

“Right now we are living on the second floor of the Cornerstone in an old schoolroom for the children of the church and it has huge murals of Jonah and the whale painted all over the walls,” she said.

“So it’s really a triple win for us! We can have a place to have another venue for weddings and events, a full finished basement to store all of our belongings for Natasha’s Weddings and Events and then a place to live in and finally call home.”

Tobias and Cooper hope to move quickly to the city zoning process and be open for business in June of this year.

Before and after:

The interior of the former Holy Trinity Catholic Church.

Artistic rendering of the venue after it is redesigned. Images: Natasha’s Wedding and Events Facebook page.