UNBSJ Adds Sales Stream to MBA

Image: UNBSJ Facebook page.

SAINT JOHN – Gerry Pond has finally found the university sales program he’s been courting for almost four years, and it’s cropped up in his hometown of Saint John.

The University of New Brunswick Saint John is now offering a 12-month MBA course with a stream in “Business Development and Professional Sales”, making it the first English-language university in Canada with a sales program.

Pond, the prime mover of the region’s IT startup craze, shocked a meeting of academics in early 2015 by offering $500,000 to any institution that could produce a full program to educate salespeople. Until now, there has not been a sales program at any major Canadian university – even though such programs are growing in the U.S. and typically offer students placement rates above 80 percent.

“We’re very proud and very excited to develop a program that is very highly needed in the market, both in Canada and globally,” said Shelley Rinehart, the MBA Director at UNB Saint John. “Anything that is important to the business world will eventually find its way into the business schools because that’s what business schools do.”

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