The Ten Most Popular Huddle Stories Of 2019

It was an exciting year for business in New Brunswick.

At Huddle, we had the pleasure of telling many stories about innovative businesses and driven entrepreneurs throughout the province, as well as the issues that impact them.

We also covered big business news and events as they unfolded. There was never a dull moment!

As the year comes to a close, we decide to take a look back at some of the most-read Huddle stories of 2019.

1) A Peek Inside The New Oceanside Apartments In Uptown Saint John

(Image: Michael Hawkins Photography)

Huddle readers were excited to take a look inside these new luxury apartments in uptown Saint John, located on St. James Street, in a long-abandoned former Salvation Army.

2) N.B. Makers Of The World’s Coolest Onesie Strikes Deal With Dragons

(Image: Submitted)

We’ve been following the journey of Moncton-based Tuxy since the beginning with its first Kickstarter campaign. So when its founders made an appearance on CBC’s Dragon’s Den, many folks were watching at home to see if they could strike a deal. They did. But you’re going to have to read the story to get the details, silly.

3) U.S. Company To Acquire Saint John Cannabis Lifestyle Media Business Civilized

Civilized publisher Derek Riedle at the 2019 World Cannabis Congress in Saint John. Image: World Cannabis Congress, Facebook.

News of Civilized being acquired by Washington-based cannabis data analytics company New Frontier sparked a lot of discussion. Stories that followed this covered news of “temporary layoffs” of staff and uncertainty around the company’s future in New Brunswick. There is still a lot of unknowns, so we expect to cover more news from New Frontier and Civilized in 2020.

4) The Saint John City Market Is Going To Host A Weekly Outdoor Night Market

Saint John Night Market, Facebook

Following Fredericton and many other cities across Canada, this year the City of Saint John decided to host an outdoor night market every Thursday evening throughout the summer/early fall. It became one of the must-go-to events for both tourists and locals alike.

5) IHOP Open Its First Atlantic Canadian Location In Moncton

Image: iStock.

Huddle readers sure love their breakfast. We do too, it’s the most important meal of the day, after all! So when news broke that the popular breakfast chain was going to expand into Atlantic Canada, starting in Moncton, it generated a lot of buzz.

6) McAllister Place Redeveloping Old Sears Space For Multiple Retailers

Image: Cherise Letson/ Huddle Today

The closing of Sears stores across Canada was a huge blow for many malls across the country and Saint John’s McAllister Place was no exception. The mall announced back in April that it was redeveloping the space to accommodate several larger retailers and you were excited to read all about it.

7) Moncton Beer Garden and Container Restaurant Will Open May Long Weekend

Euston Park Social owners Susan and Gene Cormier in front of the land that will become a beer garden this summer. Image: Submitted

Moncton was the place for new food and drink places this year. Huddle readers were excited to read about Euston Park Social, a beer garden and shipping container restaurant at 5 Euston Street. It was a unique concept to the city and lots of people were excited to have a drink and a bite there during the summer months.

8) This Couple Is Turning Moncton Auto Garage Into A Brewery

Jerrica Kennedy and Alan Norman, owners of Tire Shack Brewing Co. Image: Inda Intiar/Huddle

It’s always cool to see entrepreneurs re-purpose old spaces and the Tire Shack was the perfect example of that. In July, New Brunswickers were excited to read about how Alan Norman and Jerrica Kennedy planned to transform a 4,400-square-foot garage into a brewery and taproom. The Tire Shack opened this fall.

9) New Brunswick Needs An Attitude Adjustment

Agree with it or not, Bob Manning’s commentary on how New Brunswickers need to stop being so hostile of successful business people in the province got a lot of clicks and shares this year. It also sparked a lot of discussion on social media.

10) Kate Hudson’s Baby Is Wrapped With In A Fredericton Lulujo Blanket On The Ellen Show

Ellen with Kate Hudsons baby wrapped in a Lulujo swaddle. Image: The Ellen Show Instagram page.

As New Brunswickers, we always get excited when someone or something from the province gets noticed by someone famous. So when Kate Hudson’s baby showed up wrapped in a Lulujo blanket on the Ellen Show back in January, people got excited.