Sussex Mine Will Employ 50 People After Province Signs Deal To Buy Road Salt

The Picadilly mine near Sussex. (Image: file photo/The Canadian Press)

SUSSEX – The province has agreed to buy road salt from the Nutrien mine in Sussex, which will support 50 jobs there for the next two years.

In an announcement Monday morning, Energy and Resource Minister Mike Holland said road salt had previously been purchased from Nova Scotia and Quebec (an average of about 180,000 tonnes per year) but the government will now source it from Nutrien to support local industry.

“It is important to the economy of New Brunswick that we put our own resources to good use by accessing an operation that is already in place,” said Holland in a release.

A communications official for the department said Holland was unavailable for an interview.

The mine currently employs 34 workers to maintain the facility and perform decommission tasks. The workforce will increase to 50 to support the two-year supply agreement.

The province says the average annual salary in New Brunswick for non-metallic mineral mining and quarrying is just over $80,000.

Decommissioning of Nutrien’s potash operations will continue as planned.