Sunset Grill ‘Temporarily’ Closes Day After Opening

Image: Sunset Grill, Facebook

Last Updated: 3:30 p.m., March 5, 2020

SAINT JOHN — Those hoping to partake in some all-day breakfast at the new Sunset Grill at East Point Shopping Centre will need to wait a little longer.

The business posted on its Facebook page Wednesday that it needed to temporarily close due “unforeseen circumstances.” The restaurant had opened its doors just the day before.

“Do [sic] to unforeseen circumstances we have to temporarily close for a short time being,” the post read. “We want to ensure that we open appropriately to serve the Saint John community with the best possible breakfast and lunch. We will be open again for business very soon.”

In the post’s comments, the restaurant said they shouldn’t be closed for more than a day or two.

Sunset Grill focuses on healthy, made-to-order breakfast and lunch, and prepares food without using a deep fryer. It started in the 1980s in the Beaches area of Toronto and now has locations across Ontario and Alberta.

Andrea Williams, manager of head office operations for Sunset Grill, told Huddle in September that the chain is excited about the expansion into New Brunswick.

“Sunset Grill concentrates on high traffic and highly visible street locations so the East Point Shopping Centre, being one of the busiest retail communities in eastern Canada, is an ideal location for the start of our expansion into the Atlantic Canada provinces,” Williams wrote in an email.

The franchise plans to open additional locations outside of Ontario.


After another false start opening on Thursday, the restaurant says it will be closed for the “next few days.”