Should We Organize Trade Missions To The EU Or Manitoba?

Portage Avenue, a main artery of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Image: iStock.

David Campbell writes a blog about economic development in Atlantic Canada called It’s The Economy, Stupid. Campbell also operates Jupia Consultants, a consulting company that conducts demographic and economic analysis.

I have made several presentations recently where I have suggested that these international trade agreements, for the most part, don’t mean much for New Brunswick.

The truth is that other than a handful of firms in forest products and refined oil, we don’t export much internationally. In fact, if you strip out refined oil, we export far more, by value, to other provinces.

The following chart shows the value of exports from New Brunswick by jurisdiction (excluding the U.S.).  The Canadian data is from 2015 and includes services (we don’t export a lot of services internationally).

The value of exports to Manitoba is higher than all the countries in the EU combined. I realize it is fun to go to France, visit the Eiffel Tour and bring home good wine but maybe we would be better served to organize trade missions to Manitoba.  You could pick up perogies and kubasa sausage.