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What Shawn Smith is Loving Today

Shawn Smith
Shawn Smith Image: Submitted

In this series, we ask members of the East Coast’s business community to share things they’re loving lately.

This week we asked Fredericton-based Shawn Smith, CEO of Don’t dis-my-abilityConsultation Services, a company specializing in the emerging field of neurodiversity:

The RIF6. Image: Submitted

“I’m loving my new toy, the RIF6 mobile pocket projector. I love coming up with new innovative ways to simplify things. Rather than lug a promotional banner around I can project my logo onto any surface. It comes in handy during presentations at conferences or promotional booths. I use it for much more than just projecting my logo; I also use it for PowerPoint presentations and movie nights at home with my family.”

You can get your own RIF6 here