Saint John’s First Vegetarian Restaurant in Decades Opens Tuesday

SAINT JOHN – Two burger places haven’t worked out where Reggie’s used to be on Germain Street. Perhaps that’s because the true heir to that uptown institution was meant to be a vegetarian restaurant.

Vegolution opens its doors on June 12 after months of renovations in the space that most recently housed Burgerology.

On Thursday morning, owners Keith and Sarah Broome and their newly hired team were in the midst of preparations for next Tuesday’s opening.

“I’m really excited to get to know these awesome people better and make some delicious food,” said Sarah. “I’m really happy with how the restaurant came together and looks, and I think we’ve created a really comfortable and fun environment for people to dine in.”

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Sarah, who ran a food stall at the Queen Square Market in recent years, says Vegolution will also have a “To-Go” fridge stocked with prepared foods that can be eaten at breakfast or lunch.

“We’ll have the ‘To Go’ fridge filled with some of the stuff I would have made at the market,” Sarah told Huddle in March when they announced the location.

“The idea is we won’t serve breakfast, but people can come through the door and get something from our to-go fridge for their breakfast or lunch. It also offers a quick lunch for someone who just wants to pay for it and leave. They can also dine in as well and order from the menu.”

From Tuesday to Saturday, Vegolution will be open from 11 am – 2 pm for lunch and 4 pm – 9 pm for dinner. They’ll serve food from the “To Go” fridge on those days from 9 am – 9 pm. The restaurant will also operate during lunch hours on Mondays from 10 am – 2 pm, with “To Go” food being served from 9 am – 2 pm. It’ll be closed on Sundays to let the Vegolution staff “enjoy family and friends,” according to status updates on its Facebook page.

The Broomes plan to post the full menu by Friday on their Facebook page and website. Some of the items on the opening day menu will be Keith’s “famous smoked sweet potato fries,” says Sarah, “an award-winning poutine, basil avocado salad, vegetable bowls, a much-loved vegetarian donair, and a vegan coconut Panna Cotta with local seasonal preserves and edible flowers. There will also be a ‘Burger Wednesday’.”

They don’t yet have a liquor license, but they will be serving Moncton’s Kissing Rocks Kombucha on tap, and it will also be available for growler pick-ups.

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Sarah says Vegolution will become a community hub much like Reggie’s, which had been open for more than 40 years before it closed in 2010.

[Reggie’s] was quite the happening spot,” said Sarah. “Hopefully we can bring that same kind of vibe back.”

Banner photo: The Vegolution team, from left to right: Ross Duncan, Keith Broome, Breana Biron-Fournier, Tanya Lindsay, Evan Smith and Sarah Broome. Image: Mark Leger/Huddle.