Real Estate Sales — Royal Le Page Atlantic

Moncton, NB

Real Estate Sales, In this role you will become a Licensed professional Realtor and would join our Brand as a contracted independant Agent.

Representting the public with answers to thier questions regarding Real Estate and paying special attention to Agency Law, Contract Law and fullfilling the lawful instruction of your client are the critical levers in the delivery of Real Estate Services. Your role will be to build a network of clients and communicate reguarly with them concerning their needs and offering advice and or services where required. There will be opportunites for independant growth within the designation through regular training and coaching sessions as well as your mandated annual education credits you must complete. 


The Role of a Realtor is much more than what you see on HGTV, there is much research and communicating back and forth between builders, inspectors, Financial lenders, Insurance and several other industry companions that all participate in the successful purchase or sale of your property. Marketing of course is a key component to your listings just as much as identifying properties, previewing and searching out properties not yet for sale is for your Buyer Clients. Negotiation skills are what comes with experience as well The learning and growth is continually in motion and the joy of helping your client with the sale or purchase through to completion helps make this role a very Rewarding emotion.

About Royal Le Page Atlantic

Royal LePage Atlantic is the industry leader with respect to the residential home market in Moncton and Atlantic Canada. With close to 400 agents under the banner throughout NS and NB including over 60 agents in Greater Moncton we strive to make your Real Estate experience a smooth and informed one. The core of our brand is supported through the dedication of its agents, the Management and the associates alike with resect and how we connect with the public… Going Beyond is not just a catch is a pillar of our belief.