Peachy To Help Seniors Live at Home

Chrissy Rossiter, CEO of Peachy. Image: submitted.

New entrepreneurs are advised to find a problem, or pain, to solve, and consult with prospective clients before proceeding. Chrissy Rossiter did so and is now helping companies that care for seniors in their own homes streamline and improve care.

Rossiter, the CEO of software company Peachy, and her co-founder Diego Zuluaga, initially founded their venture to help seniors with health-related tasks such as remembering to take medication and check blood pressure.

The idea was for the product to be used by seniors at home. But after consulting with seniors, their families and doctors, the founders changed course.

“We realized the concept of frequent text alerts was not necessarily part of seniors’ daily routine,” Rossiter said from Peachy’s base in St. John ‘s.

“We then looked at working with retirement homes, but we didn’t want to do that. We didn’t feel the same pain problem.”

The pair decided that, as most seniors want to live at home for as long as possible, they would make it easier for them to do so.

Working with the managers of home care agencies seemed a good idea, as the agencies oversee the home support workers who provide the care.

“Managers at the agencies deal with many issues. They manage hundreds of staff working remotely. They are run ragged, adjusting work and other schedules on paper or on complicated software,” Rossiter said.

“By automatically updating employee hours with shift information we remove the need for managers to manually make changes at the end of the pay period, which can take more than six days a month.

“And by automating the flow of information, we improve payroll and invoicing accuracy.”

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