Organigram Unveils Suite of Recreational Cannabis Brands

Image: haven't the slightest, via Flickr

MONCTON– Moncton-based medicinal cannabis producer Organigram announced three new brands for the adult recreational market on Tuesday.

Organigram’s recreational portfolio will be officially launched once adult use recreational cannabis is legal in Canada and includes the launch of The Edison Cannabis Company, ANKR Organics and Trailer Park Buds.

“Our recreational brand strategy incorporates the best of what we know about our current and potential customers, the industry and opportunities for growth, and the production of our premium products,” said Greg Engel, CEO of Organigram in a release. “The addition of each of these brands is the result of more than 18 months of research, development and teamwork to better understand our products and consumers.”

Here’s a detailed look at each of the company’s new recreational brands:

The Edison Cannabis Company

A premium product, The Edison Cannabis Company will offer dried cannabis, pre-rolled and cannabis oil products across Canada at the advent of adult recreational use in 2018.

Mined from a comprehensive research project that included the launch of ‘The Edison Project by OGI’ in November 2017, the Edison brand was founded on the ceaseless pursuit of improvement and innovation at Organigram.

The launch offered the Organigram team the opportunity to gather invaluable customer feedback and data and develop a final brand built on innovation, sophistication, creativity and quality.

The marquee sub-brand offered within the Edison family is Edison Reserve, a line of products that represents the best quality indoor grown product in the country. Edison Reserve product will only be available in larger pack sizes of dried flower, and will feature the Company’s top bud, hand manicured and craft cured for optimal consumer experience.

“The development of brands is a dynamic and collaborative building process,” said Ray Gracewood, Chief Commercial Officer of Organigram, in a release. “Over the past 18 months, we have been able to develop the foundation of a brand that we feel delivers on the insights we have taken from a very intensive and multi-faceted research project. This concept is all about the future of our industry and Edison is today’s cannabis brand.”

ANKR Organics

Organigram is Canada’s original organic cultivator; the subsequent progress and quality of product exist in the DNA of ANKR Organics. As a result of several years of research related to perfecting the art of organic cannabis cultivation and an ongoing partnership with a governing body, Organigram is poised to offer consumers the best quality organically-grown cannabis in the country. The company continues to finalize plans for organic certification, which is planned for later in 2018.

ANKR Organics will be available nationally in pre-rolled and organic oil form.

Trailer Park Buds

Through an existing partnership with Trailer Park Productions, Organigram is introducing Trailer Park Buds, a cannabis brand with a wink that speaks to consumers who appreciate a sense of humour and don’t take themselves too seriously. Focused on a value-conscious consumer who appreciates quality product, pre-rolled and blended products will be available at federally-licensed retail establishments across Canada in 2018.

On behalf of each of its brands, Organigram is currently in discussions with jurisdictional partners and will continue to work through the applicable approval processes from province to province. The company has already secured retail distribution partnerships across the country including those with Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick.

Adult recreational use of cannabis in Canada is expected to be legalized in the summer of 2018.