NB’s WellTrack Accepted into 500 Startups Program

WellTrack CEO Darren Piercey and COO Natasha O'Brien. Image: Submitted

FREDERICTON– New Brunswick startup WellTrack, a company that provides access to online therapy for students, has been accepted into 500 Startups’ 20th batch of companies.

500 Startups is a global venture capital seed fund with a network of startup programs headquartered in Silicon Valley. For the next four months, WellTrack will be working out of 500 Startups’ San Francisco office with 44 other companies.

“We are pumped,” said WellTrack COO Natasha O’Brien. “Going through the interview process you hope that things will work out in your favour, but at the same time, you’re preparing yourself for if they don’t. Knowing that you are being compared against some of the best up-and-coming startups from around the world makes you question what you’re doing. But the feeling when you find out you’re accepted provides real validation for you, your team and your product.”

O’Brien says taking part in the program will help scale and amplify the business. Though it only just got started, they’ve already learned a lot.

“Working in the 500 office we’re surrounded by a great group of companies from all over the world, and the knowledge we’ll gain from them will be just as valuable as everything else we’ll absorb here over the next 3.5 months,” O’Brien said. “Plus being in San Francisco has already changed how we think about things; we’re moving faster and testing things at a pace that might have seemed out of reach before.”