N.B.’s First Cat Cafe Opens October 20 In Fredericton

Shona Newton, owner of The Purrfect Cup. Image: Cara Smith.

FREDERICTON – The province’s first cat cafe is nearing completion as the final details are put in place for the grand opening October 20.

The Purrfect Cup – A Cat Cafe will soon open its doors to the public, giving feline fans in the area a chance to experience what many have been waiting for since owners Korey Jennings and Shona Newton first started floating the idea nearly two years ago.

Newton says there isn’t much left to be done before people finally have a chance to spend time with the adoptable cats that will call the cafe their temporary home through a partnership with the SPCA.

The SPCA has been awesome. They’re so excited and so helpful as well. They’ve gone above and beyond to help us out and make this successful,” she says

The cafe will serve coffee from Whitney Coffee Company and treats provided by Chess Piece Pâtisserie & Cafe. Guests will pay five dollars an hour to spend time with the cats, but they can choose whether to interact with the cats or simply visit the cafe side.

Image: Cara Smith

Newton says they’re essentially ready to go and just need to add a few finishing touches from finalizing the menu to assembling the decor.

“We’ve been trying out some really tasty mixtures… We’ve been having a lot of fun with that and we’ve come up with a delicious hot chocolate recipe that I’m super proud of. We have the [treats] menu finalized with Patti from Chess Piece.”

Image: Cara Smith.

Newton says they’ve received plenty of feedback from people, both family and friends as well as the public online, excited by the idea that’s unique in New Brunswick.

The feedback we’ve been getting from the general public is awesome. We’ve had so many people try and come in,” she says.

“We put up and ad for hiring and had a lot of people apply and saw how excited the people we were interviewing were.”

Newton says she’s excited to finally be opening to the public and is looking forward to the feedback they’ll get not only on the experience with the cats but the quality of their coffee as well.

The cafe will be hosting a grand opening event on Saturday, October 20 at their location at 580 Two Nations Crossing in Fredericton.

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