N.B. Offers $900 Payment To People Who Lose Their Jobs

Premier Blaine Higgs. (Photo: Government of New Brunswick/YouTube)

FREDERICTON – New Brunswick’s premier and his counterparts across the country have been discussing interprovincial travel with the prime minister.

Blaine Higgs says he will have more information to share on the topic in the coming days.

Higgs says they also spoke about the Emergency Measures Act.

“Enacting a national state of emergency is the best tool to ensure consistency across our country in the level of healthcare, safeguarding our supply chain and in mitigating economic impacts. I did support this measure on the call last night and I do support this measure,” he says.

Higgs says they’ve been receiving feedback through the new information line about businesses that aren’t following safety measures, like social-distancing.

He says they’ve even heard of individuals who are returning from trips and not self-isolating, going to work and even parties or social gatherings.

Higgs says officers will be following up on each complaint for more information.

The provincial government will provide a one-time income benefit to either workers or self-employed people in New Brunswick who have lost their job due to the state of emergency.

This one-time $900 benefit will be administered through the Red Cross and will help bridge the gap between when people lose their employment or close their business and when they receive their federal benefit. Furthers details on how to apply will follow in the coming days.

He also announced that more information will be released in the coming days on additional financial help for businesses.

Christina Mulherin is a reporter with 91.9 The Bend in Moncton, a Huddle content partner.