N.B. Cannabis Media Company Says $5-Million Investment is a ‘Game-Changer’

Image: The Canadian Press

SAINT JOHN – Civilized Worldwide Inc., a media and lifestyle brand that highlights modern cannabis culture, has entered a strategic investment and collaboration agreement with Canopy Rivers Corporation.

Canopy Rivers will invest $5-million in Civilized, which has offices in both Saint John and California, and the companies will work together on various online, media and event opportunities relating to the cannabis industry.

“Civilized lives at the intersection of modern media and cannabis,” said Mark Zekulin, president of Canopy Growth, in a release. “They have a premium digital audience throughout North America and have established an events platform where individuals and industry can communicate and work together as we continue to educate stakeholders and evolve the global perception of cannabis.”

Civilized is implementing its monetization strategy across its three platforms:, Civilized Studios and Civilized Events.

“As growth and innovation continue to accelerate in the global cannabis industry, attractive opportunities extend well beyond cultivating, processing and distributing cannabis‐derived products and formulations,” said Sean McNulty, co‐founder of Canopy Rivers.

“This investment and partnership with Civilized is a welcomed addition to our portfolio, and we believe that collaborating with a leading media and events company will help increase the visibility of the Canopy Rivers platform and is complementary with our ongoing mission to change the global cannabis narrative.”

Civilized launched back in 2015 and has since worked to grow its brand and media across North America. Civilized publisher and CEO Derek Riedle says the partnership with Canopy Rivers is a “game changer.”

“No other industry has the high growth potential of cannabis, and we believe that high‐quality media can help accelerate the development of this industry by sharing stories, ideas and information that’s been more or less forbidden for the better part of a century,” said Riedle.

“We’re on a path to grow our multi‐platform networks and I’m thrilled we are able to partner with Canopy Rivers, a leading and respected group of investment professionals and affiliate of the largest cannabis company in the world.”