Moosehead Shakes Up New Beer Cocktails

Image: Moosehead Breweries, Submitted.

SAINT JOHN – Moosehead Breweries wants to shake things up in 2020 with a new product— Moosehead Shaker beer cocktails.

“Adding something flavourful to beer is nothing new, but the emerging beer cocktail trend is,” said Karen Cousins, director of marketing and innovation at Moosehead Breweries, in a release. “With our new Shaker lineup, we’re pushing boundaries and helping the beer cocktail trend evolve.”

The Shaker cocktails are now available in Atlantic Canada with four popular cocktail flavours: Pink Lemon Drop Martini, Cucumber Mint Mojito, Tropical Piña Colada, Strawberry Rosé Sangria.

“We’ve been working on Moosehead Shaker for more than a year now, and we’re looking forward to playing in the cocktail space while staying true to who we are,” said Cousins. “Atlantic Canada is our test market, with our goal being to launch Moosehead Shaker nationally in 2021.”

Moosehead says the beer cocktails are crafted with a mix of flavours and push the boundaries with what is possible in beer innovation.

“From new Moosehead Radler flavours each season to the launch of our Small Batch Brewery, which has brewed 40 new beers in less than two years, I am incredibly proud of our focus on innovation,” said Cousins.

In addition to the new Shaker mix pack, Moosehead’s popular Radler brand also announced its highly anticipated 2020 spring/summer flavour, Strawberry Lemonade, which began rolling out in stores on Friday.