Moonshine Creek Distilleries Making Sanitizer For Healthcare Workers, Truck Drivers

Image: Moonshine Creek Distillery website

WATERVILLE – The President of Moonshine Creek Distilleries says they’ve never made sanitizer before, but they were willing to learn.

When they heard about the shortage in the province, they were happy to do what they could to help during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jeremiah Clark says the distillery is now making sanitizer to deliver to frontline healthcare workers and truck drivers in the region.

“Seeing how quickly it is spreading and the risks it is posing, we knew we had to act. We and the other distilleries are generally following a formulation that was provided by the World Health Organization to combat this, so I think the idea just comes from all of us trying to find a way we can contribute.”

Clark says they’ll continue making it for as long as they can or as long as there is a need for it.

This is a little bit of a change for Moonshine Creek and the other distilleries, he said.

“Generally we make beverage alcohol, so it is a little bit out of our comfort zone. But the need and desire to help out takes over.”

Clark says they’ll be making deliveries to those who really need it.

“Primarily, we have been speaking to a lot of government organizations and trying to take care of them first. Health networks, customs and borders, people like that who are working on the front line. Transport truck drivers, since of course, they are going from destination to destination and across the country, and we want to make sure they can protect themselves too.”

They are hopeful they can get their first batch of hand sanitizer out by Friday.

Clark says it is surreal right now. With only two of them in the Distillery right now, they are working hard to ensure all of their ingredients arrive.

“This morning I came in and there were around 40 emails from those who are in need. We are prepared to adapt and put in the hours needed,” Clark says.

Tara Clow is the news director with The Bend 91.9, a Huddle content partner.