Moncton Fitness Company Looks For Market Expansion With Android Product

FITIV Founder Sylvio LeBlanc. Image: Submitted

After a few years of success in the Apple product market, Fitiv is preparing to launch its first Android product, which should give the company more flexibility in achieving group sales.

Founded by Moncton entrepreneur Sylvio LeBlanc, the company has developed an iOS app that helps people analyze the biometric data collected by an Apple Watch.

The app – originally called MotiFIT – has gained users over the past three years, so the company is now poised to launch an Android product, which uses a Bluetooth heart rate monitor.

LeBlanc said having a product on both major operating systems will help the company sell to fitness clubs and other groups, whose members use both products. Even by focusing just on Apple users, the company has had strong traction.

“We’re onboarding about 600 users a day,” said LeBlanc in an interview in his office. “We’re close to about 700,000 downloads and we have over 70,000 active monthly users.”

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