Moncton Company Helps United Nations Agency Win International HR Award

VidCruiter founder and CEO Sean Fahey. Image: Submitted.

The United Nations Development Programme has won an Innovation in Recruitment Award, using the software of Moncton-based video interview company VidCruiter.

The UN agency announced last week that it received the honour at the 15th annual Career Development Roundtable of International Organizations, held recently in Lisbon. It won the award after successfully hiring 126 people to become resident representatives in four months.

“By taking advantage of VidCruiter’s pre-recorded and live video interviewing software, as well as our digital skills testing platform and built-in rating system, the UNDP was able to complete this task on time,” said the UN agency in a statement.

VidCruiter started in 2009 by producing a tool that recruiters could use to conduct interviews online to streamline the hiring process. The company still has the original vision of a video interview system but now combines it with an applicant-tracking system and other features that help to simplify workflow for recruiters. Its questions and evaluations are now standardized and delivered digitally.

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