What Marcel Petitpas is Loving Today

Marcel Petitpas. Image: L.P. Chiasson Photography

In this series, we ask members of the East Coast’s business community to share things they’re loving lately.

This week we asked Moncton’s Marcel Petitpas, speaker, coach and entrepreneur

“I’m loving an amazing scheduling app I recently started using called Acuity Scheduling.

As someone who runs his own coaching/speaking business as well as a tech startup, I get a lot of inbound requests for meetings and calls. Corresponding back and forth with people to set up meetings and managing my calendar was getting crazy.

So, I set off on a quest to find a tool that would make my life easier, and make me look super cool in the process. After extensive searching, tons of free trials and a lot of disappointment, I’ve finally found the ultimate tool.

The features are off the hook. Acuity lets me set up different appointment types and categorize them for my businesses and personal meetings. I can create custom sign-up forms, scheduling links and availability for each. Easily embed them on my websites and landing pages, and customize their look and feel.

But the most important feature of all is: when I put something in my calendar on my phone, it blocks my availability off in Acuity, no more double booking.

On top of all this, I’ve had several people say ‘That scheduling app is so cool!’ So I think it’s safe to say it’s helped improve the experience for my clients and colleagues as well.”