Locally Produced Music Doc The Capital Project Released Online

James Mullinger being interviewed for The Capital Project. (Image: Submitted)

FREDERICTON- A locally produced documentary that examines New Brunswick’s music scene has finally been released online.

The much-anticipated local music documentary “The Capital Project” officially launched online Wednesday on YouTube.

The Local filmmakers Tim Rayne and Arthur Thomson have spent the last two years in production of the documentary series which takes an in-depth look at New Brunswick’s small-but-mighty music scene including a wide range of genres from rock, pop, folk, country, jazz, hip hop, classical, and alternative music genres.

The Capital Project Youtube channel features over an hour’s worth of content divided into 21 different video segments.

“The way the project’s YouTube channel is being released fits well into the way people consume media online,” said the director Tim Rayne in a release.

“The documentary is broken into small digestible segments of five minutes or so, and people can either follow them sequentially or jump around the playlists to follow different topics or artists in a choose-your-own-adventure style.”

New segments will be added weekly over the next six months. The segments feature themes such as “First Albums,” “Spot Light Series,” “Music Education,” “The Music Biz” and more.

In all, the documentary has recorded more than 120 band performances and conducted more than 200 interviews with bands, solo musicians, music educators, theatre performers, festival organizers, venue owners and music promoters.

“We know many people have been anxiously awaiting this release, and we are thrilled to be sharing it with the community. The Capital Project has something for everyone, and I think those unfamiliar with the music scene will be amazed at the music happening in their own backyard,” said producer  Arthur Thomson.

“I would encourage anyone visiting the YouTube channel to be sure to subscribe so they are kept current on the weekly releases over the next year.

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