LISTEN: Boiling Point Chats with UNB’s Dhirendra Shukla

Dhirendra Shukla (Image: Daniel St Louis)

Dr. Dhirendra Shukla is the chair of the Technology Management & Entrepreneurship (TME) program at the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton.

Passionate about entrepreneurship, design, engineering, innovation and leadership, Shukla ignites the same passion in others through his teachings at UNB. His work has been getting noticed. Most recently, Dhirendra was nominated for the RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Award and selected by judges as a top 75 finalist.

In this episode of Boiling Point, hosts Greg Hemmings and Dave Veale chat with Shukla about what brought him to Canada and UNB and his dedication to the educational system of New Brunswick. They also discuss his passion for entrepreneurship, innovation and how he uses it to inspire his students.

When Shukla arrived eight years ago, he tried to institute a culture of “doing” as well as “learning.” He told Hemmings and Veale it was a difficult transition for the students, but they’ve fully embraced the entrepreneurial culture of the Shukla’s program.

“[Recently] we launched 19 startups on one day,” Shukla. “Between 1988 and 2007, in that whole time period, we only launched one startup.”

Listen to the episode below: