La Place, A New Modern Co-Working Space, Opening In Dieppe

Image: Don Ricker

Hello, New Office.

June will see the arrival of an innovative new co-working space in the heart of Dieppe. La Place offers a new, modern coworking concept focused on a collaborative environment which allows for lasting relationships between individuals in a variety of different fields. In addition to being a turnkey option, the new centre goes beyond the basic needs of a shared office facility by pairing technical resources with a comfortable atmosphere that fosters the establishment of an entrepreneurial community.

“Business and community development ideas come from the interactions of passionate people,” explains Andrée Savoie, President and CEO of Adelin Properties. “La place will not only serve as a workspace but will also be a networking and building hub for established businesses as well as up and coming entrepreneurs.

The inviting space can transform itself from a work-oriented space into a social setting with ease and provide a unique venue for many types of gatherings.

“We want tenants to be able to rejuvenate and find meaningful interactions, which are crucial for business growth, by being part of this new community. Our layout meets the needs of people who prefer working in a closed office as well as creative individuals who feel more productive in open spaces,” says Community Manager, Olivia Steeves.

During the week of June 3rd, La Place will be hosting a week of celebration in honour of their official launch, the community is invited to visit the premises to learn more about the concept of coworking by coming to work for a day or even a few hours and enjoying good company, an easy-going atmosphere and great coffee.

For more information visit them @ www.laplacenb.ca

This story is sponsored by La Place.