J.D. Irving Plans To Hire 7,500 People In The Next Three Years

Image: J.D. Irving, Limited recruitment video.

SAINT JOHN – J.D. Irving, Limited (JDI) plans to hire 7,500 full-time people in its Canadian and U.S. operations over the next three years, according to its latest hiring forecast.

Colleen Baxter, vice president of human resources, said 89 per cent of those jobs are in Atlantic Canada, with 72 per cent of them in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

“Our strategy is to keep talented young people home, bring them home and to welcome newcomers,” said Baxter in a release.

The opportunities are many and varied because JDI operates so many companies in Canada and the U.S. with a team of 15,000 employees. The sectors include agriculture, construction and equipment, consumer products, food, forestry and forestry products, retail and distribution, shipbuilding and industrial fabrication, and transportation and logistics.

Across the organization, the areas with the highest number of job opportunities include operations, shipping, supply and logistics, retail sales, and finance.

Chris Mahar, team leader with JDI Recruitment Services, says the “exciting thing about the hiring forecast is the diversity of opportunities.”

“Whether it’s on the plant floor or in the office, there’s no better time to join one company and grow with many,” he said in a recruitment video. “When I think about JDI, I think about a company to start with, grow with and end your career with.”

The available jobs are a combination of newly created positions and people leaving the organization. The three-year forecast is based on anticipated retirements, business growth, and normal workforce turnover.

This year’s three-forecast is down from last year. Last January, the company said it was planning to hire 10,400 from 2018-202o.

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