Innovatia Opens New Office In India

Innovatia's co-CEO Roxanne Fairweather with some of the staff from the company's new office in India. Image: submitted.

SAINT JOHN —Innovatia, a New Brunswick-headquartered knowledge management services and software company, has expanded its operations in India.

The company announced this month that it has opened a new office in Bangalore, India, to accommodate the growth the company has experience in the region in the last five years.

“We actually opened as a business in India in 2012. We had 14 people there,” said Innovatia’s co-CEO Roxanne Fairweather in an interview with Huddle. “We’ve grown since then to about 150 people in India.”

Fairweather said the team has doubled in size in 2017 and is on track to double again in 2018.

Innovatia’s staff in Bangolore works with company clients from over the world, like Cisco, as well as India-based clients. Fairweather says staff work in a variety of areas including custom design, content development, multimedia, development, delivery and support. The company hires predominately engineers from the region.

Fairweather said Innovatia isn’t just projecting growth in India in the coming year. It also plans to grow their operations around the world, including Calgary, Houston and New Brunswick. Like the staff in India, she says New Brunswick employees work on projects from all over.

“It’s really access to talent,” said Fairweather. “Sometimes, being co-located with our clients, we start that and then we will integrate the New Brunswick employee body into the work that’s being done.”

“For example, if we start with our oil and gas sector in Calgary, we’ll have our employees begin that work and then we’ll [bring] some of that to New Brunswick. We’re looking at growth geographically wherever we are.”

The company has a total workforce of 650.

Fairweather says one of the reasons for Innovatia’s continued growth is its expanded focus. Traditionally, the company focused specifically on ICT, but now has business in other sectors.

“We have been historically very focused on the ICT area,” she said. “But in the last two years, the oil and gas and software business and selling our software to the industrial sector have really been a big piece of our growth, as well as the services in the oil and gas sector in Calgary and the financial sector too. We’re seeing more growth in different sectors than we would have experienced over our history being very ICT.”