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The Huddle Team is Growing: Meet Inda Intiar

Inda Intiar. Image: Lise Hansen/Huddle Today

Huddle is pleased to introduce you to our new staff writer in Moncton, Inda Intiar.

Inda is based in Moncton and has a background in both journalism and business intelligence.

We sat down with her so you can get to know her better and to find out what she plans to bring to her role at Huddle:

What brought you to Moncton?

So, I’m originally from Indonesia. I came to Fredericton when I was 18 to go to university. I had applied to a few universities around the world, but this one offered me the biggest scholarship. I thought, what better way to learn to be independent and open your mind than to live in a place where there’s very very few people with a similar cultural background. Four years later, I decided I wanted to stay in Canada. I applied for jobs around New Brunswick and the one in Moncton called me up first. A few job and apartment changes later, I now feel very much at home here.

How did you end up at Huddle?

This summer, I decided to quit my job. It was time for a change and I wanted to find a way where I can help my province more through the work that I do on a daily basis. A friend connected me to our editor Mark, and I offered to do some freelance reporting. I studied journalism in university so I was happy to be interviewing people and writing stories again. In my previous job I gained an understanding about the private sector by doing market intelligence for some large Canadian and U.S. companies. I feel that at Huddle I can use my skills and knowledge to help tell the business and economic stories that matter for our region. So when Mark offered me the full-time position, I was really excited.

What kinds of stories do you hope to cover at Huddle?

I especially love stories about businesses that help address social and/or economic issues in our region, and stories about entrepreneurs who are passionate and resilient in the face of challenges. So I hope I can cover more of those.

What do you love about Moncton?

No traffic and no pollution! (Compared to Jakarta anyway) The size of the greater Moncton region is just big enough to explore, but small enough to be able to create a good professional and social network. I love that it’s bilingual, so I can learn some French, but not be so lost because I can always use English too. Also, there are many beautiful spots around here that can be explored within a day-trip or a weekend trip. In 2017, I really felt the growing diversity, and I found more art events and spaces to go to, so I like that too.

What role do you think Huddle plays in the community?

I think Huddle tells stories that are often untold about cool things happening in our region, which is important to boost the morale of youth. I also think it’s an important platform for the voices of the small and medium-sized businesses here, which are key to our economy. I personally also see a lot of potential in this region, and Huddle helps facilitate the conversation around that.