Fredericton Contact Centre Shuts Down Operations

Image: Brookside Mall web site.

FREDERICTON – A contact centre in Fredericton has closed its doors after losing a business contract.

TTEC shut down its operations in Brookside Mall on New Year’s Eve, according to ContactNB, an industry association which represents the province’s contact centre industry.

Cheryl Steadman, the association’s operations manager, said workers were made aware of the impending closure several months ago.

“No one woke up surprised that the doors were closed today,” said Steadman in an email Wednesday.
“Employees were given retention bonuses to stay through until the last day.”

Even though TTEC is not a member of ContactNB, Steadman said they worked with the company and other contact centres in the city to help find employment for their staff.

“There is no shortage of positions offered in the contact centre industry in Fredericton, so there was no need for any good workers to go unemployed,” said Steadman.

Xplornet and Accenture arranged new hire classes starting on January 6 so TTEC workers could stay until the end of the year and have no break in employment, she said.

Steadman said it is her understanding that CIBC has also taken on several TTEC employees.

“We take a lot of pride in this industry in New Brunswick and, members or not, we do our best to ensure that those wishing to stay in the industry have every possible opportunity to secure employment,” she said.

A TTEC spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment about the closure.

According to TTEC’s website, the company employees more than 47,000 people in six continents, with Colorado serving as its global headquarters.

The company has Canadian locations in Prince Edward Island, Ontario and Quebec.

Brad Perry is the news director for CHSJ/Country 94, a Huddle content partner.