Energia Ventures Launches Accelerator With Innovators From Across North America

Image: Aurea Technologies Facebook page.

FREDERICTON – Energia Ventures, a three-month accelerator for businesses in the energy, cleantech, and smart-grid sectors, launched its new program Tuesday with six companies from across North America.

The program combines industry mentorship with classroom style programming. The goal is to take the companies through every aspect of launching a startup and graduate them ready for further investment.

Joe Allen is the managing director of accelerator programs at Energia, which is managed by UNB’s J Herbert Smith Centre for Technology Management & Entrepreneurship (TME).

“We’re extremely excited to be working with six very impressive companies, each of whom bring their own unique skillsets and experiences to the program,” said Allen. “We are also very proud to be hosting companies from across North America in Fredericton, where they will have a chance to experience Maritime hospitality and grow their businesses within our very supportive entrepreneurial ecosystem,” he said.

The companies participating in the 2018 Energia Ventures program are:

ReJoule, California: ReJoule is developing intelligent battery management systems, with a primary focus on electric vehicles. Their technology has already attracted the interest of several leading automobile manufacturers from around the world.

Potential Motors, New Brunswick: Potential is developing conversion kits to turn internal combustion engine vehicles into electric vehicles. Founded at the University of New Brunswick, Potential Motors has already converted two consumer vehicles, and are currently looking to refine their technology as they pursue initial consumer sales.

Hygge Power, Colorado: Hygge is building uninterruptible power supply (UPS) devices for consumers in partnership with U.S. utilities that are also wifi enabled to provide smart energy consumption feedback to both the consumer and utility. Hygge Power’s first product, OPO, offers a suite of features beyond just power supply that will give homeowners peace of mind during outages.

DeepCryo, Nova Scotia: DeepCryo is developing a cryogenic treatment system to improve the lifespan of metal parts and tools by mitigating corrosion and wear. DeepCryo is scaling up the capacity of their system for larger equipment, and continuing testing and product validation.

Autonom, Quebec: Autonom is building UPS systems for telecom companies to more accurately pinpoint battery failure and prolong device lifespan. Autonom’s product has a smaller footprint than traditional telecom UPS devices and self-installs in seconds.

Aurea Technologies, Nova Scotia: Aurea is developing consumer and commercial wind turbine technology using innovative turbine systems. Their commercial product, Flare, aims to offset energy usage for buildings and allow them to divert green energy back onto the grid.

“Energia Ventures is a big opportunity to grow specifically as an Atlantic Canadian Cleantech company,” said Cat Adalay, CEO of Aurea. “We’re excited to learn more about our market as our company gets ready to begin taking pre-orders.”

The 2018 Energia Ventures program will conclude in late November with a demo day for investors, stakeholders, and community leaders.

The 2018 cohort for the Energia Ventures program at UNB. From left to right: Joe Allen (UNB), Cat Adalay (Aurea), Zora Chung (ReJoule), Hugues Marceau (Autonom), Jack Cahn (DeepCryo), Raphael Neveu (Autonom), Isaac Barkhouse (Potential Motors), Nick Dowling (Potential Motors), Rachel Carr (Aurea), Steven Chung (ReJoule), Sam Poirier (Potential Motors), Melissa O’Rourke (UNB), Caleb Scalf (Hygge Power). Image: submitted.