Digital Forensics Company Helps Battle Child Pornography, Human Trafficking

Image: Colin, via Wikimedia Commons

FREDERICTON – A New Brunswick startup that’s helping pave the way in digital forensics has gotten a financial boost with its latest funding round.

Fredericton-based Global Intelligence has found success providing its innovative digital forensics solutions to a number of justice, police and intelligence clients throughout North America as they battle criminals involved in child pornography and human trafficking.

The company recently closed its latest funding round, which includes investment from the New Brunswick Innovation Foundation and a number of prominent angel investors, that will support the company’s ambitious growth plans.

The New Brunswick Innovation Foundation told Huddle that it would not be disclosing the amount of the funding round, or the organization’s contribution to it at this time.

Global Intelligence uses a patented body linguistics engine and environmental linguistics engine to monitor the spread of information and transactions being used for criminal activity.

“We help police and intelligence agencies track complex illegal activities and provide them with a clear understanding of data movement that leads to indictments and convictions,” said CEO Adam Mosher in a news release.

“Our system works in real-time, collecting leads, tips and other intelligence gathered by systems and agents in the field. We then visualize it as a ‘supply chain,’ identifying suspects and victims. It uses data to tell the story of criminal activity in a narrative form.”

In 2018, Global Intelligence released its flagship ACES (Anti-Child Exploitation System) product. The Global Intelligence team developed this product in collaboration with several organizations. With the proceeds of its recent funding round, it plans to add two new additional modules to its platform to target terrorism and criminal narcotic sales.

“Global Intelligence brings together a strong team with cybersecurity, forensics and law enforcement experience. They are doing important work, protecting children and making a difference in North America from their base here in New Brunswick,” said Daniel Hoyles, investment analyst at NBIF.

“Criminals have used the power of technology to hide their activities and illegally move money and data. Global Intelligence is taking that power away from them and returning it to law enforcement. We’re excited to see where they take this innovative technology.”