What Danger Capital’s David Crow is Loving Today

David Crow Image: Submitted

In this series, we ask members of the East Coast’s business community to share things they’re loving lately.

This week we asked David Crow, managing director at Danger Capital

“Amazon Prime’s The Man in the High Castle. I love this. I consumed two seasons on the plane over the last couple of weeks. This is a brilliant TV show loosely based on Phillip K. Dick’s novel of the same name. It is about resisting fascism in an alternate America where Germany and Japan had won World War II. The show is particularly pertinent as it shows the ease and normalcy when people can commit the worst atrocities. It is more important than ever to distinguish right from wrong, real news from fake and the differences of political opinion from the personal attacks that undermine democracy. It is great escapism and an engaging two seasons of entertainment.”

Image: Amazon Prime

You can check out The Man in the High Castle here.