What Your Co-Workers Are Really Saying

Sarah Cooper, whose new book 100 Tricks To Appear Smarter In Meetings comes out later this year, shares some tips to help you translate what your co-workers are really saying in those meetings.

Among the most important:

  • “This wasn’t on my calendar” = I deleted this from my calendar
  • “Can you repeat that?” = I was looking at Facebook
  • “To your earlier point…” = I’m kissing your ass
  • “Definitely” = Probably not
  • “Can I ask a quick question?” = We are going to be here awhile
  • “Thanks for bringing that up” = You’re going to regret bringing that up
  • “I’ll set a reminder to follow up on that” = You will never hear from me or see me again

You can read the rest of her great tips here.

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