Coronavirus Has Negative Impact On Maritime Lobster Industry

Partner Seafood lobster shipments ready for flight. Image: Submitted

MONCTON – The lobster industry in the Maritimes is taking a hit amid the coronavirus outbreak in China.

The Lobster Council of Canada says recent live lobster shipments from Moncton and Halifax have been cancelled.

Executive director Geoff Irvine says the current situation is challenging.

“We have lots of other markets so that’s the good news. We have Europe, we have the U.S., Canada, other parts of Asia. China has become a very significant live lobster market but we do have others.”

Irvine says the Lobster Council is deeply concerned about its Chinese customers, shippers and processors and their families during this outbreak.

He says the lines of communication are open and it’s hoped the situation can be brought under control soon so that lobster shipments can resume.

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Given the recent trade tensions between China and the U.S. which have included countervailing duties, Irvine adds China had become an even bigger market for Atlantic Canada.

Allan Dearing is a reporter with The Bend 91.9, a Huddle content partner.