Chop Chop Week Returns To Pay Food Forward

Chop Chop Fall 2019's restaurant sponsored presenting Lunch Connection with a cheque for $5,532 (Uptown Saint John)

SAINT JOHN – The uptown’s bi-annual Chop Chop Week is back for 2020, from February 17-23, with plenty of delicious culinary deals for the pickings that will leave foodies drooling.

“Saint John has become the foodie epitome of New Brunswick,” said Nancy Tissington, executive director of Uptown Saint John.  “Having over 33 restaurants participate speaks volumes to the excitement it creates in our community.”

Saint’s John’s Chop Chop Week began in 2009 and is held in February and October each year.  The event came together with uptown chefs and restaurateurs wanting to offer unique dishes at affordable prices.

Over the course of 12 years, Chop Chop has gained recognition throughout Atlantic Canada for its culinary offerings.

During Chop Chop, the chefs of Uptown Saint John’s eating establishments create unique offerings at three different price levels. A Chop Chop Plate is $12, the two-course lunch is $15 and the three-course dinner is $35.

Chop Chop’s dishes not only feed hungry customers but also help feed the children and youth of Saint John. The event helps support Lunch Connection, a free hot lunch program which helps deserving children gain access to healthy food.

The program, run by Saint John Inner City Youth Ministry, provides food for approximately 450 children across three different schools. More than 45,000 meals are served annually to the youth of Saint John’s inner-city neighborhoods through Lunch Connection.

“Lunch Connection receives a dollar from each plate sold; the average annual donation is approximately $14,000 between the two weeks,” said Tissington. “The model to give back to community is the greatest highlight.”

A large donation is also made to Lunch Connection from participating uptown restaurants twice a year.

According to Tissington, the chefs who participate in the Chop Chop weeks count them among their busiest weeks of the year, with many people travelling into Saint John from other cities to try what’s on the menu.

“Every chef in our Uptown participates in creating the menus; the creativity of each chef is part of the lure for the patrons,” she said.