CarbonCure Announces Efforts to Win $20 Million Carbon XPRIZE

Gore Meadows Community Centre & Library in Brampton, Ontario - concrete masonry units supplied by CarbonCure (Image:

HALIFAX–Nova Scotia-based clean technology developer CarbonCure Technologies has announced today that its team (Team CarbonCure) has officially entered the competition for the NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE.

The Carbon XPRIZE is a competition that challenges teams to reimagine what can be done with CO2 emissions by incentivizing the development of technologies that convert carbon from emissions into valuable products.

Team CarbonCure, which is made up of leading scientists, engineers and business leaders from the cement, concrete, industrial gas and green building industries, is among 47 teams from around the world competing for their share of the $20 million prize.

“We believe that our technology will fundamentally change the way concrete is made globally,” CarbonCure founder and CEO Robert Niven said in a release. “Competing in the Carbon XPRIZE drives us to push the envelope on innovation and establish partnerships with influential industry players in order to demonstrate to the world that this technology will play a key role in driving down global CO2  emissions.”

The technology CarbonCure has developed injects carbon dioxide gas capture from nearby smokestacks into concrete during manufacturing. The CO2 chemically converts into a solid mineral once introduced into the concrete mix and then will not escape into the atmosphere.

CarbonCure says their technology is installed in 35 concrete plants which have supplied more than a hundred construction projects across North America. They state that it is the most cost effective, highest impact and more scalable solution available today to cycle CO2.