Auto Industry Contact Centre Promises To Create 150 Jobs in Moncton

Premier Brian Gallant, Club Auto CEO Sean Grasby, Minister of Finance Cathy Rogers, Moncton Mayor Dawn Arnold. Image: Submitted

MONCTON – Club Auto, a customer contact centre in the auto sector, plans to hire as many as 150 people in its new Moncton office over the next four years, with the help of payroll rebates from the provincial government.

Club Auto has 35 employees in the office that opened in October, and CEO Sean Gasby says there will be 75 by early 2018.

“We looked at several regions across Canada, but once we met with Opportunities NB it became clear that New Brunswick was the right choice for our company,” said Grasby in a release. “The Moncton office will exclusively support some of our global clients and will be critical for our continued organizational growth.”

The payroll rebates for creating 150 jobs totals $830,000. The money is only disbursed once the company has created and maintained the jobs for one year and provided proof of salary levels and employment.

The province says the full complement of jobs would generate an estimated $2.41-million in provincial taxes over four years and contribute $21-million toward the province’s GDP.

Club Auto was formed 25 years ago to provide customer experience management for many brands in the automotive industry. It has 3.4 million vehicles under its management and 700,000 customer interactions annually.