Atlantic Lottery Hiring 30 People to Build Capacity and Support Innovation Team

Kristin Root, VP of IT at Atlantic Lottery, at the head office in Moncton. Image: Inda Intiar/Huddle

MONCTON – The Atlantic Lottery Corporation is looking to fill 30 IT positions, most of which are new roles.

Kristin Root, VP of Information Technology, said the hiring campaign is part of the company’s capacity and skill-building plan to deliver on its strategic objectives. But it’s also doing so to support the innovation team.

“We have a big innovation agenda. So, whenever that group is coming up with new ideas and different ways of doing things, the IT team has to deliver that and bring that to market,” she said. “We have spent a few years investing in technology and now we’re continuing to focus on that.”

The company is looking to fill full-time positions ranging from junior team member to management roles. The skills it’s looking for include testing, development, architecture, systems analysis, business delivery and operations.

It’s also hiring for roles in communications, sports and field services.

“This would be kind of a big number for us to be hiring for one area,” Root said. “We have a lot of technology at Atlantic Lottery and it takes all kinds of different people to bring that to life.”

Although Atlantic Lottery is looking to fill the positions as soon as possible, it doesn’t have a specific closing date for the positions. Most of the roles will be located in the Moncton office but some could be done remotely.

Root said the company is not necessarily looking to fulfill all the skills. Rather, it’s looking for people who are the right fit. In the past, Root said the company has hired people who don’t fulfill the skills criteria 100 per cent, but can be trained to meet them.

“We like people that want to work in that team environment and they’re comfortable in a dynamic environment and they like solving complex problems,” she said. “They have some tech experience, but they’re really open to learning.”

The hires will help on projects like a mobile app for the Pro Line sports betting product that’s currently available online or in retail stores.

“We know that we want to continue to expand on content or products or ways to play with us, and to continue to do that, we’ve gotta make sure we have the capability and capacity,” Root said.

Atlantic Lottery has more than 650 employees across Atlantic Canada.