Atlantic Canadian Startups On A Hiring Spree, According To Data From LinkedIn

Introhive's Saint John office. (Image: Cherise Letson/Huddle Today)

According to data produced by LinkedIn, Atlantic Canadian innovation companies were on a hiring rampage last quarter.

Concrete Ventures CEO Patrick Hankinson posted an item online Tuesday night saying that LinkedIn data shows that Atlantic Canadian startups and high-growth innovation companies added about 600 jobs net in the April-to-June quarter. That was a gain of about eight percent, bringing the total staff employed by these companies to about 8,000.

Hankinson is well known in the startup community as the founder and CEO of Complr, which he sold for more than $20 million in 2014. Last year, he was selected by the Nova Scotia government to oversee a regional early-stage venture capital fund, which he named Concrete. What’s less well known is that he is an absolute data junkie, and has built up his own databank on the Atlantic Canadian startup community that has grown to about 840 companies.

He uses data analytics on LinkedIn to assess how these companies are adding or subtracting employees, and he was so surprised by the numbers for the second quarter of 2019 that he posted them online.

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