Can You Eat 26 Burgers In 12 Days? Give It Your Best Shot At Moncton’s Burger Fest

Big League s Big Cheese Burger uses grilled cheese sandwiches as buns. Image: Submitted

MONCTON – Do you think you can try 26 burgers in 12 days? You’re going to have to give it your best shot with the Flip Burger Fest back for a second year, with 12 more restaurants taking part than last year.

From January 16- 27, twenty-six restaurants in the Moncton area will get creative with how they serve up their burgers.

There will be offerings like Notre Dame de Parkton‘s Harold and Kumar – White Castle-style sliders named after characters from a comedy movie – and Big League‘s Big Cheese Burger, which has grilled cheese sandwiches as buns.

“Last year, there was no proof in the concept, so it was tougher to get restaurants to sign up. I approached well over 40 restaurants both years. People saw that it worked last year so they’re very keen and ready to sign up,” said organizer Chad Steeves, whose restaurant Tide & Boar Gastropub is also taking part.

This year, there will also be one vegetarian burger in the mix. Duo Cafe‘s Vegan Gluten Free Burger will use quinoa patties.

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Steeves said the festival aims to promote local restaurants at a slower season for the industry.

“Something like [the burger festival] gets people’s attention, it gets them out to restaurants,” Steeves said. “It’s just about promoting good economic growth for Moncton restaurants with something like this. So it’s not a contest.

“It really is a lot of fun. The restaurants are busier because of this than normal, so you’re coming into some lively places. Everybody’s just generally in a great mood because of this. People love hamburgers … and the variety is not something you’re going to get every day.”

There’s no voting for who has the best burger, but Steeves said that will naturally show in the traffic that a restaurant gets during the festival. To ensure restaurants don’t outprice each other, Steeves has put a minimum price of $8 for a burger without a side, and $14 with a side.

He said people trying out the various burgers can take part in a social media campaign by using the hashtag #flipburgerfest during the festival.

Other restaurants taking part in the festival include: