Web/Mobile Developer — Cognitive X

Moncton, NB

At Cognitive X,

  • You CREATE desktop, web, and mobile applications using your full-stack development skills
  • You CONTRIBUTE your knowledge and expertise to the “Cognitive X way”
  • You SOLVE complex situations with uncomplicated solutions
  • Your ACTIONS and decisions will directly influence who we are and where we are going

Does this describe you?

  • You get excited about HELPING others
  • You are RESPECTFUL and seek to first understand other’s point of view
  • You COMMUNICATE clearly with humans
  • In every situation, you instinctively assess multiple scenarios, and you can discuss these options with your PEERS to identify the best choice(s)
  • You can assess what’s best for the CLIENTS and the COMPANY
  • You have a great work ETHIC; which liberates you to live well
  • You know the difference between working SMART and working hard
  • You know that you don’t know everything, and you absolutely love to LEARN
  • You are a GOOGLE-FU master, and your BULL S#!T meter is on point
  • Like us… You still love to PLAY with Legos

On the technical side,

  • You consistently improve and seek to MASTER new skills and technologies
  • You have excellent proficiency with HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • You have a solid knowledge of DATABASE design
  • You are methodical with your DEBUGGING techniques.
  • You are experienced with Unit TEST frameworks and writing testable code
  • Object Oriented programming and the SOLID principles are part or your DNA (Developer Natural Abilities)
  • You can create an ELEFANT API and software architecture for a complex system. 
  • You understand AGILE project management

If this is you, we look forward to growing with you.


    You must be amazing at writing clean code

    You care about the success of our clients and their projects

    You help your peers and reach out when appropriate

    You communicate well


HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Database Design, Programming, Mobile Applications, Applications, Debugging, Architecture

Other Information

At Cognitive X we are always improving the work environment provide the best service to our clients while keeping our team healthy and happy. 

We offer: 

  • A generous health package
  • Above normal vacation and time off privileges
  • A place to grow as a professional and an individual
  • An opportunity to be part of a growing business

About Cognitive X

Founded in 2006, Cognitive X is a software solutions provider based in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.

Our highly skilled team of passionate professionals are hard-wired for software development and have been plugged into our industry for over 20 years, combined.

We are prepared to handle any project, from basic to complex, ensuring successful completion and delivering solutions which exceed expectations.

Cognitive X serves a wide range of clients including individuals & small business, as well as those in the insurance, education, manufacturing, government and large industry sectors.