Unemployment Rate Rises Across N.B., But Falls in Saint John and Moncton

Moncton City Hall (Image: flickr user theantelope)

The unemployment rate in New Brunswick rose by more than a percentage point last month, though it fell in both Saint John and Moncton, according to the latest numbers from Statistics Canada.

The province’s unemployment rate rose to 7.8 per cent in the province, up from 6.5 per cent in July.

The labour force was 381,600 in August, up from 377, 100 in July. The workforce participation rate in August also went up to 61.1 per cent, from 60.4 per cent in July.

Statistics Canada also released seasonally adjusted unemployment rates for the province’s major cities. In Moncton, unemployment went down to 5.1 per cent in August from 5.2 per cent in July. In Saint John, unemployment was down from 6.2 per cent in July to 5.8 per cent in August.

Nationally, the unemployment rate was down to 6.2 per cent in August, from 6.3 per cent in July.