Trudeau Says Trump Administration Tariffs On Softwood Lumber Are Wrong

Image: The Canadian Press

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the Americans have been wrong before about Canada’s softwood industry — and they are wrong again.

Trudeau says the import tariffs the U.S. Department of Commerce slapped on Canadian softwood imports last month are unfair and punitive, and Canada won’t back down on the issue without a fight.

It’s the fifth time since 1981 the U.S. has argued Canada unfairly subsidizes its softwood industry, and Trudeau says they’ve ultimately been proven wrong every time.

He says Canada strongly disagrees with the U.S. Department of Commerce decision which took effect April 28, imposing tariffs of three to 24 per cent on softwood imports.

Canada is engaged in a full-scale pushback against the tariffs, with provincial envoys and federal ministers reaching out to common interests in the U.S. trying to convince the Trump administration to back down on the tariffs.

Canada argues there are jobs in the U.S. being hurt by the tariffs, particularly in the homebuilding industry, which relies on Canadian softwood and now has to pay more for it.


The Canadian Press, 2017

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