Saint John Chamber of Commerce Will Host National Meetings for its 200th Birthday

The Bank of New Brunswick Building on Prince William Street in Saint John. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

It’s an opportunity, says David Duplisea, to host the “largest dinner ever” in Saint John. And that’s saying a lot in a city where people flock to these kinds of events.

The CEO of the Saint John Region Chamber of Commerce is referring to the recent announcement that the city will host the annual general meeting and convention of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in the fall of 2019.

The date also coincides with the 200th anniversary of the Saint John Chamber, which has been known under different names throughout that history, including the Dominion Board of Trade and The Saint John Board of Trade.

“This is a very exciting opportunity for our community and region to showcase on a national stage,” said Duplisea in a release. “The event will bring approximately 400 delegates from across Canada to Saint John for three days in and will be part of the Saint John Chamber’s 200th anniversary celebrations.”

Perrin Beatty, President and CEO of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, said the organization recognizes the city’s present and historical role in developing the national economy.

“Saint John played an instrumental role in confederation and was the location of the very first Canadian Chamber AGM in 1926, we are delighted to join with the Saint John Region Chamber of Commerce and their members as they celebrate 200 years,” said Beatty, who was the keynote speaker at a recent event in Saint John celebrating the 150th birthdays of Moosehead Breweries, Source Atlantic and Barbours.

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The Saint John Hotel Association and Discover Saint John will also help organize the event. Victoria Clarke, Executive Director for Discover Saint John, says it will be an important opportunity to showcase the community to people attending the conference from across the country.

“Saint John is an excellent choice to host this important event, with first class facilities, breathtaking scenery and our long history of working with The Canadian Chamber of Commerce,” said Clarke. “We could not be more delighted and we will show our guests an exciting and memorable experience.”