R.I.P Picaroons Dark & Stormy Night

Image: Picaroons Traditional Ales, Facebook.

FREDERICTON– New Brunswick craft brewery Picaroons announced some tragic news on Thursday– if you like dark beer, that is.

The brewery announced via Facebook that its certified organic dark wheat beer that it’s brewed for over 11 years, Dark & Stormy Night, will be no more.

“…the time has come to put it to rest,” the Facebook post read.

“No, we’re not joking.”

The company cites a long time battle with “a big name in the spirits world” that claimed Dark & Stormy Night “infringed on one of their products.”

“We certainly did not go out without a fight, though after months and months we’ve officially lost the battle and are now retiring our lightest dark beer,” stated the post.

It went on to say that this now gives the brewery room to offer something else “down the road” and emphasized that they still offer plenty of other different kinds of beer. However, it said what’s left on the taps and shelves is all that remains of the beloved Dark & Stormy Night. The post concluded with:

“Good bye old friend…

2006 – 2017”

Check out the full announcement below. Also, if you were a fan of the beer, RUN TO THE NEAREST LIQUOR STORE NOW BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.