Pan Am Railways Will Provide Shipping Service From Port Saint John to Boston

Image: Wikimedia Commons

SAINT JOHN – Pan Am Railways has struck a deal with DP World to give Port Saint John a direct rail connection to the Boston area and U.S. Northeast, the company announced Tuesday.

Pan Am Railways is excited to announce our partnership with DP World and the Port Saint John, to provide direct intermodal service from Saint John to the Boston market via the inland container terminal at Ayer, Massachusetts,” said Michael P. Bostwick, executive vice president & chief commercial officer of Pan Am Railways, in a release.

“We will provide value to importers and exporters via an alternate gateway into the large consumer markets around Boston and central New England that reduces congestion on the highways. As the vessel calls at the port increase we will be there to grow our service offerings and train capacity to match those needs.”

Curtis Doiron, general manager of DP World Saint John, said making inland connections to the U.S. is a central part of the growth plan for Port Saint John.

“An integral part of DP World’s strategy for Saint John has been to extend its market coverage through competitive intermodal connections in Canada and the U.S.,” said Doiron. “The new Pan Am Railways service will now provide existing and new customers a viable gateway option in Saint John. We share the enthusiasm of our supply chain partners in another milestone for Port Saint John.”

Jim Quinn, President & CEO, Port Saint John, said the new Pan Am service will take advantage of Port Saint John’s close proximity to the U.S.

“The Port is a transition point between marine services and inland transportation networks,” said Quinn. “The natural geographic advantage Port Saint John, being located close the U.S. border, is now enhanced by this new PanAm service into the New England marketplace. Importers and exporters seeking to move goods to and from major centres in the North East now have an option that will get them there faster and move over shorter inland distances.”

The Pan Am shipping service begins immediately.

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