Nova Scotia Buildings Will Generate Electricity, Sell It to the Local Grid

Osborne Solar Solutions install a new solar panel array in Scugog, Ont. Image: The Canadian Press

HALIFAX — Universities, municipalities and Mi’kmaq communities will generate electricity for local grids under a new Nova Scotia solar energy program.

Among 18 initial participants is Halifax’s Atlantic School of Theology, which has signed a 20-year deal to sell its solar power.

Up to 50 kilowatts of electricity will be generated by 115 solar panels on the roof of the university’s library.

Dave Angot of Doctor Solar, the company installing the panels, says the project could net the school revenue of at least $10,000 annually.

Energy Department official Peter Craig says the idea of the program is to cover the cost of installing the panels.

Craig says the two-year pilot project aims to learn more about the production capacity for solar energy in Nova Scotia, which currently gets less than one percent of its power from solar.


The Canadian Press