New Brunswick Pipeline Companies Want You to Call Before You Dig

SAINT JOHN – New Brunswick’s three major natural gas pipeline companies are teaming up to encourage everyone to put safety first.

Emera Brunswick Pipeline, Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline and Enbridge Gas New Brunswick have launched an advertising campaign asking that Saint John contractors, companies and individuals request a utility line locate before doing any landscaping, digging, excavating or crossing of a pipeline with heavy equipment.

“Before beginning any work, from a simple tree planting to a major excavation, it’s important to plan ahead and call. When you dig without a utility line locate, you risk personal injury and damaging natural gas pipes and other underground utilities,” said Ed Armstrong, manager of distribution operations for Enbridge Gas New Brunswick in a release.

Companies, contractors and individuals are required by law to request a pipeline locate before any digging begins. Anyone who fails to determine the location of underground pipes and causes damage to a natural gas line could be liable for at least the cost of repairs and could face additional fines or charges. It’s also costly to the municipal departments that respond to these incidents. A line

A line locate can be requested by calling 1-866-344-5463 or visiting at least two working days in advance. Personnel for each utility will inspect the property and indicate if, or where, underground services are located. The service is free of charge.

“Calling the dig line or visiting should be the first thing people do before excavating,” said Frank Campbell, general manager for Brunswick Pipeline. “A quick call can prevent a serious incident.”