New App Will Help You Find the Province’s and the World’s Hidden Gems

image: GoCapture App Facebook page

Ever wonder where to the find the coolest, or off-the-beaten-path places to explore when you travel or even in your hometown?

A new app is looking is looking to help you do just that.

GoCapture is an iPhone and Android app that allows people to geotag photos of the cool spots they visit in New Brunswick and around the world for others to discover. The free app uses Google Maps to calculate directions to get to these places.

“I do a lot of travelling and adventure hiking and stuff like that and everyone was asking me where these not-well-known, ‘need to know people to get there’ type place were,” says GoCapture’s founder Kirk Leary. “So I came up the idea for GoCapture to try to help people find where those hidden gems are around them.”

The app, which launched earlier this month, is geared toward travellers and anybody who wants to find the hidden gems in their own back yards.

“I used to live out [on the Kingston Peninsula] and there [is this] this huge, massive waterfall,” says Leary. “I lived there my whole life and never even knew about it until I read a book and I was like ‘oh, Moss Glen Falls.’ It’s a beautiful spot.”

Leary, who works in sales with Bell during his day-job in Saint John, paid Moncton’s Blaze Studios out-of-pocket to develop the app.

“It was kind of a spur-of-the-moment thing,” he says. “I saw a market for it and an opening that no one else has done before, so I figured if I would use it, so would other people.”

As the user base grows, Leary says GoCapture will use advertising to help monetize the app, but right now, his focus is on getting those early users and working through any initial bugs. He also says the app’s next update will include the new features such as the ability to message users and to add photo filters.